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Photographing Wild Brown Bear In Finland

Photographing Wild Brown Bear In Finland

As many may have noticed, over the past couple of years I’ve frequently been working in the wonderful country of Finland, on an exciting project following Europe's largest predator throughout the seasons, the Brown Bear. Up until now I've kept the reason for this project quiet but am finally pleased to announce all the hard work was worthwhile, in the shape of a new book.

I was speechless when I was commissioned back in the spring of 2015 as a photographer for this new book, which was produced and written by the Finnish company ‘Wild Brown Bear’. The book was designed to showcase the possibilities of Bear photography in Finland throughout the seasons, along with factual information on the behaviour of the Brown Bear.

I couldn't have dreamed of a better opportunity than this, since as a young child I’ve always had a fascination for Bears, and hoped that one day I would be fortunate enough to observe them in the wild. I was also lucky enough to meet and work alongside some great photographers for the completion of the book, such as my good friend Harry Read who has also contributed images to the book.

I’d like to say massive thanks to the amazing people at the Wild Brown Bear Centre for giving me this opportunity and allowing me to spend time in the amazing location that is the Taiga forest, one of Europe's most remote and untouched habitats. For those who wish to photograph Bear and Wolverine (possibly wolves too), I can’t recommend the Wild Brown Bear Centre enough, they have some of the finest hides in Finland, which offers spectacular views of Europe's largest land predator.


To purchase this book please visit the following link: Wild Brown Bear