Grey Seal Photography Workshop

Grey Seal Photography Workshop - Norfolk, UK.

  • Location: Norfolk, UK.

  • Dates: November & December (2019) & January (2020). Please email for availability.

  • Price: Full day: £150 | Half day: £90

Throughout the winter months I am going to be running workshops based on photographing Grey Seals along the North Norfolk coast. At this time of year the Seals are hauling themselves onto the beaches in large numbers to give birth, closly followed by mating behavoir. Lots of activity will therefore be taking place throughout the day, providing fantastic photographic opportunities.

Having grown up along this coastline I have regularly visit this site for over a decade, and so am very familiar with the Seals behaviour and how the seasonal light affects the landscape throughout the day. We will aim for a dawn start, and if a full day option is chosen will continue until dusk.

Workshops are carefully timed to coincide with the peak activity from the Seals. I will share my experience with working on this species, such as understanding their body language and also the field craft required in safely and ethically approaching these amazing mammals. Please note this area of Norfolk also boosts some absolutely beautiful landscapes, along the coastline, marshes and infamous Norfolk Broads, therefore, we can also spend some time concentrating on this element of photography if you wish.

If you wish to book a place on this workshop, or have any questions or concerns, please click the ‘Book Workshop’ tab below.